About Marvin & Me

Marvin was a huge, important part of my childhood growing up at 8484 Blank Road. Without him, my life would have been much, much different as an only child growing up out in the country.

I have so many good memories that pop into my head every so often. Some are new, and some repeat. I sincerely fear forgetting. Since I'm the only one who is here to remember them (though I'm sure my parents have some great memories to share as well), I've created this blog to preserve the wonderful relationship and times we had growing up together. I hope to be able to finesse each entry into something enjoyable to read. I'm afraid some of my writing may be sad or bitter, but the goal is to capture how wonderful and unique the times were. And, my hope would be that this could trigger memories of any readers' own childhood bliss, flooding the heads of anyone that happens upon this blog with thoughts of their own fun childhood times and friends.

If there is anyone to dedicate this to, it is Marvin:  Without you, my childhood would have been quite drab... and who knows how sane I would have turned out. I was so extremely lucky to have you. I miss you today, but more miss knowing what would have been you today. I will always love you. You are a permanent part of me that I cherish.