Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Sample of Togetherness

Today as I was driving to work, I noticed two kids walking to school: a boy and a girl. They were both smiling ear to ear and talking as they walk-skipped along the snowy sidewalk. Dressed in winter attire, it was hard for me to see their features, but they didn't look like brother and sister necessarily. They were the same height and were clearly having an enjoyable conversation.

I remember a couple select memories of going places with Marvin in tow. There were a few times when my parents would have to do errands and Marvin would just come along. I'm not sure if this was because his parents weren't home at the time and my parents were essentially watching us while we played all day, or if it was just convenient to throw us in the car and go. One time we drove to Englewood to pick up Cassano's pizza...which was over by K-mart and some kind of auto supply store that smelled horrifically of new tires. I remember going to both of these stores, but can't remember if the trips were combined or separate.

It was a special treat for me when Marvin came along on errands. It was a new moment. It was like I was experiencing everything from an entirely fresh perspective. Suddenly, it wasn't just an interruptive trip I had to go on with my parents, but an extended time of play in a new environment. I had someone to ride in the back seat with, and someone to goof off with. In the stores, I remember watching him, observing a lot about him while in the store: who looked at him, what he looked at, where he'd wander. I would usually pretend that we were siblings...if not outwardly, definitely inside my own mind. I wanted us to be siblings. And I wanted so badly for someone to suddenly notice my brand new sibling, as if all it took was a wave of the magic wand and poof! we were bonded forever as family. I felt so cool, so important. Here's my brother...yeah, we're family forever.

I was simply mesmerized by the addition of another person along side me and how much it changed the moment outwardly. It was wonderful to revel in each moment I had with the person I loved to be with so much.

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